Ice on Cold Sore: An Effective Way and Tips

4 Ways to Effectively Treat Cold Sores

Ice on Cold Sore

Do you start to get cold sores at certain times? You may hate when they start developing on your lips because they are uncomfortable, start blistering, and become quite noticeable. Many people start to feel embarrassed when those unwanted cold sores develop on their lips, so you should not feel ashamed about it if this is the way you feel. While it is annoying to get these sores, you can attempt to reduce the size and swelling while promoting healing by following a few different methods that do work. Read on to find out on ice on cold sore.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to the Lips

An easy and affordable at-home remedy for cold sores is apple cider vinegar. It does not matter what brand of apple cider vinegar you choose to use. You would simply need to pour a small amount of the vinegar on top of a cotton swab and then carefully dab the sore, covering it with the vinegar for a few seconds. Do not rinse the vinegar off because you want to leave it on so that it helps with the drying process.

The vinegar works well at drying out the cold sore. If you want the cold sore to heal at a much faster pace, you need to make sure you are drying it out so that it can close and heal quickly. The best thing about using this simple apple cider vinegar trick is that you can apply the vinegar to the affected area multiple times a day to see some great results. Some people like to apply it first thing in the morning, at some point during the middle of the day, and then again at night before going to sleep.

Use a Bag of Ice or Covered Ice on Your Cold Sore

It helps to use a cold compress to relieve some of the pain and reduce most of the swelling associated with the cold sore. Instead of applying ice directly to the sore and potentially damaging the skin, you should place it in a bag or cover it with a towel. You will still get to feel that coldness against your skin that helps with the swelling and reduces the size of the cold sore in a natural way, but you would not have to worry about causing any damage to your skin throughout the process. Image Credit: Survival Mastery.

Ice on Cold Sore


Hold the ice in place for up to 15 minutes at a time and use this simple technique multiple times throughout the day to see great results. You may be surprised when you see the cold sore shrinking in a matter of hours simply because you have used some ice instead of remaining large and swollen for several days at a time. This should give you an idea about ice on cold sore.

Add Some Coconut Oil to the Problem Area

Coconut oil is another great product to use on cold sores for several reasons. It is a natural and organic product that you can safely use to see results when trying to get your cold sore to shrink and go away over time. The reason it works so well is because it contains assorted acids that help with destroying any of the harmful bacteria while keeping the area of the skin protected from harmful germs. Because the coconut oil works in such a way to get rid of the harmful bacteria, it often encourages the healing process, making it even easier for you to get rid of your unwanted cold sore in no time.

Use Some Organic Honey Regularly

Even something you have stored away inside of your kitchen cabinet could come in handy for you when you are trying to get rid of your cold sore. Honey is a great natural product to use to help with inflammation and irritation because of its antimicrobial properties. If you are going to use honey on a cold sore, you should make sure it is organic and does not contain several other ingredients because some honey products do contain those extra additives that are not useful or beneficial at all.

When applying the honey, simply add a small amount to your cotton swab and press it against the cold sore while covering the entire affected area. Give the honey some time to dry before drinking or eating anything. Because it is a natural and beneficial product that helps with reducing inflammation and the irritation that comes along with cold sores, you can safely use it several times a day to help fight inflammation and reduce the size of that cold sore rather quickly.

Many people feel embarrassed when they notice a cold sore appearing on their lips. It makes them feel uncomfortable and it often leads to a lot of discomfort. If you have a cold sore that is developing, you may feel the same way and would like to find the best possible solution to get rid of it as soon as possible. While products are commonly sold in drugstores to help with the cold sores, there are a lot of natural products you can use to get relief, too.

Some of the best natural products to use on any cold sores you ever get include apple cider vinegar, ice, coconut oil, and organic honey. You can even use a combination of these different natural products to enhance your results and get rid of the unwanted cold sores even faster. When you are persistent with the different at-home treatments, you will start seeing results in no time. All these tips along with the ice on cold sores will help heal and reduce the time in getting back your skin in shape.

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