Cold Sores Cool Compress: Does using it Heal Cold Sores?

Does Using A Cold Compress Heal Cold Sores?

Do you notice tiny fluid filled pockets around your mouth or on your lips? If you’re like the average person, you will probably freak out upon seeing how you look in the mirror. But you should know that this is more than an aesthetic concern. These pockets are called cold sores. You might be more familiar with the term fever blisters, but whatever they are called, you definitely want to get rid of them. Here you will read about cold sores cool compress. IF you would like to know more on how cold sore are formed, then do read through here.

You might be surprised that millions of other people across the globe also suffer from cold sores. But it’s one of those things that some people just wouldn’t experience despite testing positive for the virus that causes it. Yes, its name might imply that it’s caused by cold weather, but a virus is actually the blame.

Cold Sores Cool Compress

Most cases of cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. 90% of adults have tested positive for this virus, but some are fortunate enough not to show any symptoms. You might be among the unlucky ones who would have to deal with outbreaks. Scientists say that genes might be why some people just wouldn’t suffer from these terrible sores.

So how do you get the virus? It’s simple: from skin to skin contact. Yes, that means you can acquire the virus from kissing your partner or hugging a relative. That explains why so many people carry the virus in their bodies. And within a few days, the early signs of fever blisters will show up.

Cold Sores Cool Compress

The first warning signs include red and itchy skin around the mouth. You might not pay much attention to the itch at first, but you’ll find that it quickly turns to pockets of fluid. They look nasty, but they often don’t cause a lot of pain. However, they can be annoyingly itchy.

The breakout often lasts for seven to ten days. You will have to deal with the symptoms of cold sores for just a week, but you can bet that it will be the longest week you’ve had.

And before you celebrate after the breakout is over, you should understand that the virus doesn’t leave your body. It remains dormant in your nerve cells, waiting for another trigger. Unfortunately, cold sores do not have a real cure.

The good news is that home remedies and natural treatments are plentiful. These are not meant to treat cold sores permanently, but their primary goal is to ease discomfort and relieve itch.

If your cold sores are accompanied by fever, it’s best to bring down fever first. This is most common in children. Take medications that help with fever like acetaminophen. Fighting fever can also be made more effective by placing cold compress on warm areas of the body such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms.

In most cases, though, it isn’t fever that you will find most annoying. It’s the itch caused by the cold sores. While you can apply topical treatments that help get rid of itch, you might want to try a simple home remedy first.

Using a cold compress is a surefire way to stop the itching. Not to mention, it also helps reduce pain and swelling. Remember to avoid applying ice directly on the affected area. You should always use an ice pack or cold compress. Also, move the compress gently in circular motions instead of letting it sit on your skin. This helps avoid your skin from getting dry.

You may find that a cold compress is all you need to manage the symptoms of cold sores. It offers everything you need during an outbreak: itch relief, inflammation control, and pain management. This way, you wouldn’t waste money on over the counter medications which won’t do any better.

Take note, however, that cold compresses are not a cure for cold sores. They simply help you survive the outbreak. Once the cold sores are gone, it’s best to make changes in your lifestyle to avoid potential triggers. And during the breakout, be responsible enough not to pass the virus onto other people. Try to avoid getting the infected area in contact with the skin of another person. Millions already deal with cold sores, so you don’t want more people to go through this annoying condition.

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