Cold Sore Scab Stage

Cold Sore Scab Stage

Lets get to the point here. There are basically five cold sore scab stages.

Briefly they are the following:

  • Tingling stage
  • Blistering stage
  • Weeping stage
  • The cracking stage
  • Sabbing stage

Lets take a look at one by one so you can get a better understanding about them

Cold Sore Scab Stage

  • Stage 1: Tingling phase:

In this stage you will usually get a strange feeling in the beginning as the first indication. This strange sensation would be in the form of itching and burning, soreness and swelling on the affected area. Some symptoms you may notice is the reddishness and uplifted formation. These are nothing but your body reaction to the herpes virus. This stage usually take from one to two days. This is the stage which is the best time you could look for medication and treatment as this can speed up healing. This is the first stage in the cold sore scab stage arena. Nearly third of the global people will face them having in the same location.

  • Stage 2: The blistering phase:

You will begin to notice a change in the formation here in the form of blisters which will be filled with fluids inside. These bumps are usually small and tiny and get formed in the form of a cluster. Also sometimes they do join all together to form a bigger one. This stage would take around two to three days.

This is the stage which has the most virus particles around the skin. The general size of the sores relates to the number of virus present. However in most the cases, you can bring the sores under control, just with the help of your body immunity or with the help of medications before the cracks appear. If no cracks or blisters appear this means you have got yourself a failed sore.

Also a side tip to ease your pain is to use ice to reduce the growth. Make sure you don’t pick on them.

  • Stage 3: Weeping phase or the ulcer phase:

When you are in this stage, you would have lots of blisters which would break. As they break it would release some fluids along with the virus, after which they would forms into something called as ulceration. This ulcer would then look like a reddish ulcer which would then turn grey. You will find this stage the most painful out of the rest of the stages.

At this point the damage done by the virus is at its peak and your body would be working full time to recover the damage caused by it. This is the stage at which you will see the reddishness, swelling, where by your body keeps repairing it. You will usually find this for a day. Again make sure you don’t pick on the them in this part of the cold sore scab stage.

Stage 4: Scabbing stage or cracking:

In this stage you will see your sores scabbing in the places where its not kept wet or hydrated. You will find this in pale yellow or sometimes dark reddish crust. It is this scab that you will find cracking and bleeding. During the cracking, you will see the damage of the formation that remains. Scabs start to form followed by itching and burning sensation. However, you can get over this by moistening the area around the scab. This phase should stay around five to eight days.

Stage 5: The final showdown

This is the healing phase all of you are waiting for. In this stage, a series of scabs get formed on the surface of your skin and then falls off, getting replaced. The scabs formed will be smaller than the old one, until the scabs resolves fully. Hope you are well understood now with the different Cold Sore Scab Stage in this article.

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