Cold Sore Scab fell off: Myths About It

cold sore scab fell off

Cold sores are the common type of infection which is caused by virus called herpes simplex virus.

When you are infected it would take around 5 stages of agony and which would take around 7 to 10 days after which the cold sore scab start to fall off.

OK now after the scab falls of then what ?

Falling of the scab is the last stage after which the skin would heal itself. This would leave you with a reddish colored skin tone which will be quite flaky. During this phase you will feel a little bit of pain of the scab getting cracked.

Cold sore scab fell off is it contagious:

Yes cold sores will be still really contagious even after the last stage. Make sure you dont touch other parts of your body or touch your scab and then shake hands with other people or using utensils.

1. Be careful of touching the affected area.

“Some people come and say to us that hey see my things have come off, which means iam cured”

Not really this is because the virus can certainly come back to the affected area. So the best option for you would be to leave off the affected area for another 10 to 15 days from the scab starts falling off

2. Over exposure to Sun:

Some say this is not true, but studies have shown exposure to sun could again affect the area and re-trigger the cold sore formation. Always use a recommended ointment to protect them.

3:Always wear gloves or keep your hands clean

Always keep washing your hands clean with an antibacterial soap, the reason after touching your infected scab area and then touching any other area would spread the virus. So its better to stay away from parties in order to prevent sharing drinks and other activities.

cold sore scab fell off

The Treatment

There exists cold sore devices that would use today’s advanced technology which are popular these days as they are hygienic, reliable and reusable. They are reusable with the help of rechargeable batteries that allows for the treatment of this cold sores.

One of the common type of device and approved by the FDA is the Virulite device. This device uses a proprietary patented technology which uses light to heal the cold sores. This light naturally will stimulate the skin cells around them and will increase your body response to the virus and that too with no side effects.

We will shortly be reviewing this product so it could be easier for you pick the one you like.

Few more points to note on Cold Sore scab fell off:

How do you actually prevent them from bleeding?

For some of you, it may seem to start to bleed around and in the scab of the sores. To soften them and to prevent the shedding and bleeding, you can apply the proven petroleum jelly and approved ointments . Using these would certainly help improve the healing time required for the sores.

Are there chances of these sores coming back again after its cured ?

There are high chances for them to return, as the virus can be active and can return which can cause the same agony. The best option is to take precautions on order to prevent them from recurring.

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