What is the best thing to put on cold sores?

Need to know facts about cold sores

  • What is a cold sore?

Cold sores are nothing but a kind of sores that forms around the lips or the mouth. It is actually caused by a virus called herpes simplex or hsv. They may also be called as fever blisters. We always think for a quick solution for cold sores, like whats the best thing to put on cold sores.

  • How long does a cold sore last?

Once a cold sore is formed then it will pass on through different stages upto the scabbing stage. This may take up to 2 weeks at minimum. They can spread to other parts of the body till start forming scabs.

  • What is the best cold sore medicine?

Solutions that contain phenol and menthol will really help to easing the pain on the cold sores and will reduce the cracks. One other product that will greatly help is the well know abreva medications which can be found in any over the counter stores. In order to find fast and precise results they must be instructions should be followed as per directed by your Doc. The above are some of the products that will help reduce a cold sore.

What is the best thing to put on cold sores

  • What is the best thing to put on cold sores?

Usually a sore would be really painful and it would be better if you could get rid of it.

Most of the time a cold sore will eventually reduce or heal with in two weeks at minimum. But since a lot of us panic when we get a cold sore we generally would seek medical advice.

Although treating them is really good, there are other medications that can certainly help which are in fact natural. For example the tea trea oil. They can greatly give you relief from the pain and help in reducing the cold sore.


These are some of the options that can help like the xerese and the famvir. There are also remediation for the sever outbreaks which can be controlled with injections.

Well a lot of us don’t have the time to visit a doctor, so we go the easy route which is going for the over the counter medications. They are available in creams, patches etc.

  • Some tactics you could use to prevent infections from cold sore

It’s always better  to not rub your lips with your tongue or press them with your tooth being they could split open themselves and can cause more harm than good. That it gives you an option to place a patch which is medicated which would be one of the best things to put on a cold sore. Advantage of patching it would be that your folks won’t be able to see.

The other thing to mention is to take medications seriously. What means is that always use them as directed by the physician, and never take them as granted. All of this applies to natural as well as the drugs that would be prescribed.

  • How are natural remedies better than over the counter medications?

You can say it depends. This solely depends from individual to individual. That is what may work for you may not work for other people.

Buying the over the counter treatments needs to be done with caution. As its always better to do your due diligence before getting the one that suits you and keep at it as it may be useful again.

  • How can natural remedies cause infection to a sore?

Generally a person may get infected due to carelessness or due to unhygienic applications or experimentations on the cold sore. As we had discussed before, it’s really important to go through a doctor. Sores should always be treated with utmost care.

As always with all other treatments, treating them is better compared to the other way. This is because medications will fasten the healing of the cold sores.

  • A good care for your cold sore is a must

As you may know since the over the counter medications are well over the place, only try out the best medications available. It’s always better not to listen to the hype that may go on in the market, especially with respect natural remedies.

  • Bonus Tip:

One last bit of advice in reducing the effect of the spreading of the virus is washing the hands after the blisters are touched. Remember our main goal is to quarantine the virus and not to spread it. It’s also a good practice to changes the bed sheets of the beds which can greatly help in this case.

Hygiene is a play factor here. Some things are worst when we forget in doing so like washing our hands after touching them, the reason being they can spread to other parts of your body, like the lips, nose and eyes.

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