Cold Sore Scab: Ultimate Guide to the Cure and Treatment

Cold sore scab: How to get rid of them and cure it

Starting from the pain and with the itching. It will look like as if your life is hell and will never end with this itching. For your information, there are various stages for this and the cold sore scab would be the last one of it. Well how do you get rid of this misery!!!. Read through to find out on how to cure a cold sore.

If you have gone through the rest of the cold sore scab stage of the  sore, then the scab will be the one to take the longest to heal. They can occur in different places such as the nose,lips and also your cheeks. Suppose you get it on the lips then be very careful as it would get dry and crack, as that would make it worse to heal. Generally as soon as we get infected with this, the first question is usually how long does a cold sore last.

Not to worry, below we will discuss different ways to get rid of the scab and on how to cure cold sores.

If you have it cracking or peeling off you really done want to do that, instead better to use something that will keep it soft so that it will heal much faster.

cold sore scab

Cold Sores – What Causes Them And How Can You Heal Them

While unsightly, they are very common as they are spread easily from one person to the next. Make sure you remember this as you develop a plan to minimize your breakout by getting the right treatment, along with understanding how you can make those outbreaks less frequent, apparently before it goes into the different stages of a cold sore. Generally everyone goes into the fight mode and think on how to prevent a cold sore.

Here You Will Learn:

  • Facts About Cold Sores
  • How To Identify A Cold Sore
  • How To Treat A Cold Sore
  • Precautions Against Cold Sores
  • How To Use Makeup To Conceal A Cold Sore

They are, without a doubt, among the most uncomfortable, frustrating, long-lasting, and common forms of skin infection that can strike a person. Not only do they look ugly and hurt, they also can cause the sufferer to be hindered both socially and emotionally. In addition, there is the embarrassment of knowing you will have to be careful to ensure that you don’t spread your cold sores, as they are very contagious. Generally you will get thoughts on how to stop your cold Sores in the early stages before it even starts.

Facts About Cold Sores

Unlike what their name suggests, a cold sore is not caused by the common cold. However, since the sores often appear during or just before an illness or bad cold, caused by a suppressed immune system, the association was made and their name stuck. In reality, they are the result of an infection by a form of the herpes simplex virus, HSV-1. While related, it is not the virus that is known for causing genital herpes, HSV-2. If you are wondering how long will a Cold Sore Scab last, then that just a thought just anyone would have. Some of us will also think that there is no much difference between cold sore or pimple.

Despite common belief, they are also not the same thing as a canker sore. A canker sore usually appears as a white, inflamed, and swollen lesion located inside of your mouth. These are caused by a bacterial infection, not a viral one. Often they are caused by something as simple as biting your own cheek accidentally, and unlike them, are not contagious.

A surprising statistic is the fact that many medical studies report that up to 80 percent of adults are already infected with HSV-1, the virus responsible for them, but just 30 percent experience outbreaks of the sores.

Since this virus is so common and widespread, people who don’t suffer from them are thought to have the ability to suppress this virus with an immune system capable of producing the necessary antibodies to combat the infection.

Once you have become infected by the virus responsible for them, you will always have it. Currently, there is no known cure. Even if you don’t have a visible sore, the virus is present in the nerve endings of your skin.

The virus usually stays in one spot without migrating, causing them to frequently reappear in the same place with every outbreak, year upon year.

Generally, it is expected that the first cold sore you experience cold sore stages is the worst one. Once you have been exposed to someone with it, you can develop the infection. Your first outbreak will usually be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, a general ill feeling, and fever.

Once the first outbreak subsides, additional once can appear when your immune system is suppressed by cold or illness, stress, temperature extremes, sunlight, or shifts in your hormones such as during menopause or menstruation.

Here are a few other interesting facts about cold sores.

Without additional treatment, the typical cold sore will last for 3 weeks. With treatment, they often clear up in a week or less. This should give you an idea on how long does a cold sore last.

Most people who suffer from them will experience 2 or 3 outbreaks a year. It’s smart to keep a handy supply of topical or oral medication on hand, including when you travel.

They can also be triggered by many different factors, including the ones listed but also pregnancy, steroidal medications (such as for asthma) and excessive alcohol consumption. Be very careful on these factors which are one of main cold sore triggers.

How To Identify A Cold Sore

A classic one appears as a cluster of blisters that are red in color. In fact, some people know them by the name “fever blisters” since, just like other immune system suppressing issues, having a high fever can trigger an outbreak in individuals carrying the HSV-1 virus.

Cold sores typically appear around the mouth, usually on the border along the lip line and where the skin meets the lips. Blisters can be as small as a pencil eraser or as large as a coin. For some of us it may appear as cold sores on lips

While most them appear around the mouth, it is also possible for them to show up on the nose, chin, or cheeks. They rarely appear elsewhere on the body, of course the first line of defense is to find out on how to prevent cold sores.

Regardless of the location where they erupt, they usually has a clear fluid inside, oozing out and drying on the surface, forming a scab or crust on the surface. The scab may appear larger than the actual one.

Before they appear, people often report feeling an itching, burning, or tingling sensation in the location where the sore will appear. They may experience it a few hours or even a few days before the actual cold sore appears.

This is when it is best to start treatment with any topical medication, as it can sometimes prevent them from ever erupting, shortening the time it takes to heal.

How To Treat A Cold Sore

While they are an incurable nuisance, there are a few treatment options that can help manage the infection, speed up healing, and reduce your discomfort. Many of them will respond to topical and oral prescription medications, and some will require both. There are also some options available over-the-counter. As a side note there is also tea tree oil for cold sores that will certainly help.

Some of the oral prescriptions that can be used in treating the them include Valtrex (valacyclovir), Zovirax (acyclovir), and Famvir (famciclovir). They all work by stopping the virus from replicating itself during the beginning of an outbreak.

When the virus is prevented from replicating, the immune system in your skin will be better able to handle the infection, putting the virus back into its inactive (latent) state.


Your doctor will give you instructions for the dosage of these medications, so make sure you follow them exactly. The active ingredient found in Zovirax is also available in a topical form.

When it comes to topical prescription treatments for cold sores, many people claim Denavir Cream (penciclovir) is the most effective. It accelerates healing time, minimizes viral shedding so you are less infectious, and reduces your pain. For those who made up to this point, make sure to read up with the various cold sore stages, we had mentioned.

For it to work the best, it should be applied at the first sign that it is going to appear. Apply it at least every two hours throughout the day (while you are awake) for four days.

Abreva (docosanol) is available over-the-counter and is a popular treatment for them. It should also be used when you first experience the signs of it, applying it 5 times per day or more until it is gone. While Abreva may not be as effective as some of the prescription medications, it is worth a try and will cost less.

Some people believe that a topical solution made from rhubarb, sage, tea tree oil, and lemon balm will treat them as well , however, research does not back up this claim. They have not been proven to work faster or more effectively than prescription medication.cold sore scab

In fact, some of these ingredients can cause further irritation, making them more painful and look worse, delaying healing.

Besides medication (prescription and over-the-counter), here are a few things you can do to help treat them.

With them, you might want to also consider using an antibiotic ointment like Polysporin on the affected area. This will keep the open sore from developing a bacterial infection from microbes commonly found on your skin.

A secondary bacterial infection can become an issue after the blister on the them breaks, leaving a vulnerable patch of skin. Apply this ointment after you have applied any ointments meant to treat them.

If you suffer from chronic cold sores, suffering outbreaks every two or three months, you might want to consider starting a regimen of antiviral drugs at a low dose to reduce or even eliminate the number of outbreaks you experience. You can with your doctor to learn if this option can help you.

Another popular remedy for them is the naturally occurring amino acid L-Lysine. However, there is little research that proves it is effective. Still, it won’t hurt you, so feel free to try starting this supplement. You can also find L-Lysine as a topical ointment.

Always use lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen, even if you are not currently experiencing them. However, if you suffer an outbreak, make sure to replace the lip balm once you have healed if it has touched any active sores. There are also cold sore medicines that exist in the market which claim are the best cold sore medicine that exists. Now that you know on how to cure cold sore, lets proceed further.

Precautions Against Cold Sores

There is some dispute on the length of time in which a cold sore is contagious, and what you can do to prevent the spread of the virus when you have an outbreak. Use the tips included here and you will be off on the right foot when it comes to preventing the spread of infection on to the different stages of a cold sore

They cannot be passed to another person if they are not visible. This is because the virus does not shed until the blister is present. If you do not have a visible one, you will not be contagious.

Avoid making contact skin-to-skin, such as kissing, if you have a visible cold sore, including while healing. It is possible to spread the virus during this time.

They are said to be  contagious unless and until it gets healed completely.

Avoid sharing straws, drinking glasses, toothbrushes, lip-care products, or utensils until you get fully healed.

Make sure you always wash your hands using soap and hot water if you touch it. The virus can be spread to other parts of the body by riding on the tips of your fingers. For example, if you rub your eyes after you touch a cold sore, viral particles can be transferred to the eye, causing major problems. These certainly will help in for those of you asking on how to prevent cold sores.

Never pick at or scratch the scabs over them. It can be very hard to leave your it alone, but touching and scratching can increase the amount of time it takes to heal and can spread the virus further, leading to more sores or will be in one of the cold sore stages. If the scab seems extremely itchy or dry, apply some antibiotic ointment in a thin layer or use a warm compress on the location.

Does using cool compress ease out a cold sore? Read through cold sores cool compress to find out more.

How To Hide a Cold Sore Scab With Makeup

When you experience them, it is likely that you will want to hide it while you have it treated. Because they have a delicate texture and eventually scab over, this can be tricky. But it is possible! The key is to use a concealer that is very lightweight so that it doesn’t drag along your skin while providing ample coverage.

You should be able to use a tiny amount, layered very precisely and carefully over the sore.

The steps to conceal your them are included, however, it is important to remember that if the makeup does not conceal the sore or worse, makes it more prominent, it is best to simply avoid makeup on the area entirely and allow it to heal.

Make sure you clean the skin surrounding the them thoroughly and pat dry. You may wish to apply a little bit of moisturizer or tone, but be careful that you don’t rupture or otherwise disturb the actual sore.

Using a stippling brush (such as the I.T. Stippling Brush by Sephora, $32), apply a very thin layer of the cream or liquid concealer to the sore along with the skin surrounding it.

Use soft, tapping movements in a circular pattern (known as stippling) and repeat until you reach your desired coverage.There is a tendency for all of us to find the fastest way to get rid of them, where this should not be the case as it needs to be done with a lot of patience.

Using a makeup sponge or clean fingertip, blend the edges and feather them into the skin surrounding it. As you work, try to avoid pressing on it, as the pressure can cause the lesion to rupture.

Set your concealer using a light dusting of powder, either loose or pressed depending on your preference. Using a pressed powder that has sunscreen can give extra protection from the sun to help the them heal.

Take a look at your results using natural light and ensure that the sore doesn’t appear too dry or caked with makeup, as this can call attention to the sore instead of hiding it.

When unsightly and painful cold sores appear, it is no surprise that most people want to get rid of them as quickly as they can. Using the steps you learned here along with some experimentation on your own can help you treat your cold sore scab effectively, allowing you to get through the outbreak quickly, without discomfort, and without spreading the virus to those closest to you and as well as prevent you from going into one of the cold sore stages.


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